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    I am very happy to welcome you to J. Zach Coaching, LLC site. Here is a chance to get to know me better and to find out about my goals, my dreams and about my family.

    I have been mentoring and coaching young adults for a total of 15 great years in over 9 different states. Through my personal work with young adults, I have found that young adults lack life skills and self confidences that inhibit them to determine a focused, passionate, purposeful path for their life.

    I strongly believe that young people have the power to change themselves for the better and eventually change the world. I have seen it first hand which is so inspiring. I want to continue to keep helping them out and awaken in themselves the spirit of living their lives to the full.

    My dream is to get young adults to learn who they are and what they are made to do. I want them to realize that they could impact the world around them and together we could all make this world a completely different place.

    I am 37 years old. I live in Atlanta, GA. I love hot sauce, music, philosophy and theology, working out and Jason Bourne and James Bond movies.

    I received my BA in Communication Studies from University of Minnesota and my MDIV (Masters of Divinity) from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. I am an International Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified Family Coach (CFC), Certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, ordained youth worker and Military Reserve Chaplain.  

    I am a single dad of 2 beautiful daughter. My family and I live in our cozy home with two cats. I dream of nothing but the best for my daughter and of course totally renewed lives for the young adults that I have helped over the years.

    I look forward to working with you.

    Thank you!

    Jeremy Zach, MDIV, CLC, CFC