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Life Coaching For Youth - J. Zach Coaching
  • Life Coaching For Youth

  • J. Zach Life Coaching philosophy for youth is rooted in a core method that strengthens self, increasing life skills and emotional intelligence, supporting education, intentionally involving parents and give much access to many related resources to invite the client to live a very balanced and satisfying life.   

    Most teenagers who are struggling need to take charge of their life, grow their self confidence, become people-magnets, improve their lifestyle and follow their dreams. Most of them are too scared or too confused or don’t know how to take charge.

    This is where I come in.  I have a proven track record of not only connecting with today’s teenagers but invite them to examine their life in order to live an extraordinary life.  I believe that most teenagers are hungering for a sacrificial vision for their lives that’s bigger than themselves and noble.  

    Below is an extensive list of coaching areas for all my youth clients can explore to start living a great life:

    • Personal Goals
    • Problem Solving
    • Navigating Life Transitions and Change
    • Decision Making
    • Improving Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment
    • Time Management
    • Confident
    • Dating
    • Friendships
    • Social and Emotional Intelligence
    • Self and Others Awareness
    • Positive Emotion
    • Confusion about Direction and Future
    • Wellness
    • Creating balance, meaning, and purpose in Life
    • Stress Reduction
    • Effective Communication
    • Bullying
    • Academic and Professional Goals
    • Embracing Individuality (strengths, personality, interests, values talents and passion)
    • College readiness and planning
    • Career planning


    Free Consultation
    Initial 45 minute coaching session to explore goal, dream and desire
    • No risk or obligation
    • Coachability assessment
    • Time management assessment
    1 full single coaching session
    One, powerful coaching session by video call or by phone or in-person to discover how to take your next step to success
    • No commitment
    • Life Coaching Session Recap
    • Are you ready for life coaching worksheet
    • Time management assessment
    per single session$125
    Four, coaching powerful sessions that are centered around a focused theme that will be achieved with excellence and success
    • Coaching sessions can be done through video, phone or in-person
    • Available by email throughout the week
    • Weekly goal planning worksheets
    • Written feedback and recap reports
    • Life coaching session journal
    Eight transformational coaching sessions that will invite the client to view a life, a world and future so compelling that it leads succesfuly results and action
    • Weekly goal planning worksheets
    • Available by email throughout the week
    • Free self confidence workbook
    • Written feedback and recap reports
    • Life coaching session journal
    • 360 Feedback Assessment