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Life Coaching Young Adults - J. Zach Coaching
  • Life Coaching Young Adults

  • Being a young adult in today’s world is tough.

    Young Adults are not only the most stress out generation in human history but have been deeply  left all alone to figure out how to navigate life.  Most young adults who are going to college don’t have any idea of what they want to do. Most don’t have a purpose or passion. Most lack the confidence to believe in themselves to pursue a higher purpose in life.

    Every young adult must answer these three questions:

    (1)  Who Am I?

    (2)  Where Do I Fit?

    (3)  How Do I Contribute?

    However these three questions are answer will determine the direction and quality of their life.

    I believe today’s young adults have the capacity to create a future that is noble and compelling.

    Young adults are hungry to find a sacrificial vision for their life which is why coaching needs to be a priority for young adults. Coaching unlocks them to figure out their why to life. Coaching provides a layer of strategic support and positive boost for young adults who may otherwise have a difficult time.

    In all of my coaching sessions, I am going to challenge each client to view a life, a world and a future that is so compelling it leads to action.  

    I coach young adults from all walks of life. The goal of my coaching is to provide goal focused actions that pave the way to live an extraordinary life.

    I strongly believe that through my coaching support, young adults will:

    • discover their unique talents and gifts
    • explore what is holding them back
    • determine goals that lead them to satisfaction and success
    • learn to make better choices and take ownership of their life
    • pioneer new opportunities for new personal growth



    Free Consultation
    Initial 45 minute coaching session to explore goal, dream and desire
    • No risk or obligation
    • Coachability assessment
    • Time management assessment
    1 full single coaching session
    One, powerful coaching session by video call or by phone or in-person to discover how to take your next step to success
    • No commitment
    • Life Coaching Session Recap
    • Are you ready for life coaching worksheet
    • Time management assessment
    per single session$125
    Four, coaching powerful sessions that are centered around a focused theme that will be achieved with excellence and success
    • Coaching sessions can be done through video, phone or in-person
    • Available by email throughout the week
    • Weekly goal planning worksheets
    • Written feedback and recap reports
    • Life coaching session journal
    Eight transformational coaching sessions that will invite the client to view a life, a world and future so compelling that it leads succesfuly results and action
    • Weekly goal planning worksheets
    • Available by email throughout the week
    • Free self confidence workbook
    • Written feedback and recap reports
    • Life coaching session journal
    • 360 Feedback Assessment